Body Transformation

It Starts On The Inside

Never in a million years would I have given a second thought to my liver when it comes down to losing weight. I’ve been preached to about eating right, eating less, drink more water, drink lemon water, exercise, exercise more but no one has ever said anything about my liver. And I never thought about everything it does…..except maybe on New Year’s Eve!

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Your liver is a filter for not only any alcohol consumption but also medications and by products from your blood. It aids in the digestion of food and helps break down fats while keeping vitamins and minerals flowing through your body. The liver also helps in the breakdown of sugar for storage, regulates your insulin, blood pressure, cholesterol, immunity and hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. All together, there are over 500 functions your liver plays on a day to day basis to keep your body going.

Wow! I know how I feel after a 12-hour day. An overworked and stressed liver cannot handle all the sugar and fats that we probably pour into it daily. When This happens all the overflow junk it cannot process gets thrown all over in the wrong places in your body accumulating as fat. As well as around your liver.

Sometimes your liver cannot keep up processing carbohydrates because of an overload which causes a chain reaction. First low adiponectin causes insulin resistance in your liver which in turn raises your blood sugar and now all of the sugar you consumed turns straight into fat nicely deposited around your midsection, buttocks and thighs. Now you eventually are not only dealing with obesity bur probably diabetes and on the verge of high blood pressure as well.

Obviously if your liver works optimally it is breaking down your fat and using it as fuel. The more active you are the more your liver will send fuel your muscle’s way. Needless to say if you don’t get enough exercise your liver now has to work overtime to process or decide where else to put all that excess sugar and fat clogging your liver. In an essence, your liver is poisoned by too much food. Now back into a vicious cycle. You could have fluctuating blood sugar associated with excess body weight leading up to potentially a host of all other types of health issues.

So there you have it folks. The crazy facts about our liver and the reality that the majority of the U.S. has overburdened, overworked and stressed our livers due to our toxic diets and lack of physical activity.